Mercedes Benz Luxury and Elegance

For your wedding car hire or other very special occasion, you can have what was at the time arguably known as the "BEST SALOON EVER" as written by most motoring writers in the 60's. These remain so to this day, available from us for you to enjoy.

You too can make your own special occasion a memorable one, by choosing a vehicle that Kings, Princes, Heads of State, Pop Stars, and many famous people chose as their personal transport, namely the stately Mercedes Benz 600 Grand Limousine Grosser and Especially Opulent 6 door Pullman.

Click here to see more on the History of the 600 and our cars.

Not only are these the features that motoring writers boasted about in its day, but in fact the sheer opulence of these magnificent vehicles will deliver you to your special destination in the grandeur that is hard to match in a more modern vehicle.

Feel free to browse our gallery of the Grand Mercedes Benz 600 on some outings with very pleased passengers, review which service is the one for you, or make a booking enquiry.

Whether a wedding, anniversary or gift for that special person, our personal pleasant grand service can be assured.

For more information, request a quote or to make a booking, please contact Heinz.

We are also a member of the Wedding Car Association of Victoria.

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